Arnaud Gasnier

Arnaud is Founder and CEO of Patentopolis BV. With 20+ years of experience in Intellectual Property (IP), he has practiced globally in various IP (patents, trademarks) departments and in various leading roles (Patent Attorney, Licensing Associate, Portfolio Manager, Associate General Counsel) e.g. for Swatch, Philips, adidas and Dutch contract research organization TNO.

Arnaud has also academic affiliation. He is Adjunct Teaching Fellow at University College London. He has been teaching in universities since 1998 and developed innovative approaches to help understand and communicate about IP. In 2004-2008 he carried out a PhD research (sponsored by European Patent Office) on IP management (strategies and tactics, performance measurement, effective in-house interventions). Arnaud is a regular speaker at international conferences. He is the author of “The Patenting Paradox” and contributed to the last edition of “The Handbook of the European IP Management”.

Arnaud holds a Master of Science in physics, a Master of IP law from a US law school, and an Executive MBA from London Business School. He is also a qualified European Patent Attorney. In 2015 Patentopolis and Arnaud won IP Awards for best IP management, attributed by Acquisition International based on survey among professionals in the industry.

Practical and creative thinker Arnaud enjoys working across borders in terms of disciplines and cultures. With a multidisciplinary mind-set he is interested in assisting established firms, SMEs and ventures with fostering value creation and capture with IP for long-term benefits and growth.
Arnaud is based in Holland. 

Key steps of his career

  • 20+ years of work experience with IP management and strategy
  • Founded Patentopolis in 2008 specialized in strategic management of IP and leading provider of (learning, consulting and solutions in this area
  • Worked for in-house IP departments for the industry (Swatch, Philips, Adidas) and research sector (TNO, Technical University of Delft, UCL) with roles across the IP lifecycle (patenting, licensing, portfolio management)
  • Won IP awards for best IP management and IAM 300 top strategists
  • Author of the book “the Patenting Paradox”
  • Regular speaker at international conferences for strategic management of innovation and IP

Key areas of expertise

  • Innovation services 
  • Intellectual asset management
  • Organization learning


  • European Patent Attorney
  • Executive MBA from London Business School
  • PhD in economics on patent management (research sponsored by the EPO)
  • Master of IP law from US law school (formerly Franklin Pierce Law Center)
  • Master of Science in physics from INP Grenoble

Examples of technologies

  • Advanced bio-based polyurethanes and fibres for the automotive industry with increased environmental sustainability
  • Early-stage food and digital
  • Injectable dermal filler
  • Ironmaking process
  • Large scale demonstration for the bio-based bulk chemicals BDO and IA aiming at cost reduction and improved sustainability
  • Laser Induced forward transfer for large area applications
  • Protective textile and geotextile
  • Switchable coatings 
  • Wind equipment testing
  • Water-softening and deionisation – commissioned by the European Patent Office in relation with the SME case studies project