IP in EU projects

Plan how to steer, protect & exploit innovation

Monitor progress throughout the project 

Patentopolis provides IP management services to consortia. The project partners (together with their respective internal or external patent attorneys) remain responsible for drafting, filing and prosecuting patent applications for their inventions originating from the project.  


  • IP landscapes (overview of third parties' patents) in respect of the project area: it aims to identify, in close consultation with the project partners, potentially blocking IP relevant to the project area, and to carry out a first assessment using Patentopolis' ranking methodology (based on value chain positioning, alignment and strength). The legal status of third parties ‘relevant IP is reviewed also at the end of the project. 
  • Consolidated Audit to identify and visualize the partners’ starting position.: an IP toolkit is provided for identifying the partners' current IP, as well as potential for new ones and its exploitation in different markets and segments. The toolkit is customized to the consortium. In consultation with the partners, data (business, market, technology and IP) relevant to the project area is collected at partner level and consolidated at the Consortium level, thanks to the IP toolkit. Patentopolis facilitate webinars and workshops to collect and validate the data with the partners. 
  • IP strategy plan for higher exploitation and impact: Using the output of the consolidated audit, strategic options for generation, protection (IP) and exploitation of innovation related to the project area are generated. During an onsite workshop, the partners assess the strategy options, prioritize gaps and actions therein. A strategic plan will be subsequently elaborated.
  • Periodic reviews and updates: implementation by the partners of the strategic plans is monitored every quarter or (bi)annually. During the review, new IP can be identified and assessed. The IP landscape is also updated to identify newcomers and recently published patents which are possibly blocking in the project area. At the same time, Patentopolis identify changes (new partner joining the project, new value chain etc.) and suggest how to adjust the plan accordingly.  The outcome of the review/update is presented during the next GA meeting.


  • Strategic plan for innovation development, protection (IP) and exploitation, together with the outcome of the consolidated audit, and IP landscape and positioning (first release) - also called, "draft plan for exploitation of results"
  • Guidelines for operational IP management among the project partners (access rights, ownership, commercialization, publication, IP portfolio management, etc) (first release)
  • If requested, a supervision committee (DESB) for extra coordination among the partners 
  • If requested, support Partners with their IP operations when implementing the plan
  • Strategic plan implementation monitoring and update (yearly)
  • Guidelines for operational IP management post-project (final release)