IP organization

Identify (latent) needs for your IP organization

Design a new organisation model 

Translate into a new performance benchmark


  • On-site Kick-off session with the team. Further scoping the project
  • Individual interviews with IP team members and stakeholders from other departments 
  • Online survey to identify (latent) IP needs in the company and measure impact
  • Co-construction workshop to identify and cluster feasible actions with highest impact
  • Capacity map of the current resources within the IP team
  • Generate and assess change options 
  • Co-construction workshop to design a new model for your IP organization
  • Define new metrics and dashboards to monitor performance
  • Co-construction workshop to design KPI profiles per target in your company
  • Periodic reviews to monitor implementation and/or provide updates

This consulting service can be provided with a phased approach and in cooperation with Patentopolis partner to bring expertise from different industries.