R&D tax & IP management

Companies are eligible for R&D tax incentives (e.g. patent/innovation box) in most Europe. 

Do you also benefit for tax savings thanks to IP? 

We offer a new bundle mixing tax services and IP consultancy in an optimized approach using Patentopolis framework (simple workflows, models and online platform). If your R&D function is spread over multiple countries, you may be able to benefit from appealing tax incentives in those countries thanks to our partner's network.  


  • On-site Kick-off session with the team. Further scoping the project
  • Cross-functional interviews (management/business, market, R&D, IP)  
  • Identify products and revenue streams, today and in the next 3-5 years. 
  • Determine qualifying assets and ownership. 
  • Data formatting using DIPS tools. Validation by client  
  • Mapping future revenues/products and IP. Visualize and get an overview using our tools.
  • Modelling current and future R&D tax incentives. Determine eligible revenues. 
  • Identify gaps in IP with current and future products. 
  • Analysis and generation of strategy options 
  • Prioritization during co-construction workshop 
  • Functional analysis of R&D staff and determination of reward for R&D. 
  • Scenario optimization for current and future tax benefits.
  • Innovation/IP/tax plan based on revenues and roadmap (detailed actions, metrics/KPIs, budget) in respect of prioritized options. Recommendations.
  • If applicable, periodic reviews to monitor implementation and/or provide updates

This consulting service can be provided with a phased approach and in cooperation with Patentopolis partner to bring expertise from different industries.