Strategy design

Move away from reactive IP management

Get proactive and set up an IP/innovation strategy

Make a cross-functional plan to protect/exploit future IP  



  • On-site Kick-off session with the team. Further scoping the project
  • Cross-functional interviews (management/business, market, R&D, IP) 
  • If needed, review of current portfolio and competitors' IP
  • Data formatting using DIPS tools. Validation by client  
  • Analysis and generation of strategy options 
  • Prioritization during co-construction workshop for (re)alignment
  • Roadmap finalization (detailed actions, metrics/KPIs, budget). 
  • If applicable, periodic reviews of implementation 


  • Preparation + data collection: 1 week
  • Kick-off + interviews: 3 days
  • Data consolidation + data formatting + validation by client: 2 week
  • Analysis (gaps, SWOT) using DIPS tools + option generation: 2 week
  • Co-construction workshop (1 day) + preparation before/after: 2 weeks 
  • Plan finalization + wrap-up reporting: 1 week

A strategy project is typically delivered over 2 months. 

It can take longer depending on client's responsiveness and depth level required by client.

Client's project team members are expected to spend  1 week on average.