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Over the years, IP Managers, IP Directors, Patent Attorneys, IP Counsels, Partners, Heads of Technology, Innovation Managers, IP Experts, etc. have experienced our tools and services. Read what they say about us.

Testimonials from innovation

BDO (Netherlands)

“Nowadays, IP can provide value directly to the bottom line, thanks to R&D tax incentives which become growingly available in Europe (UK, NL, IT, PL… and soon DE). To assess R&D projects, an integrated and effective approach with a multidisciplinary team (tax, technology, IP) is needed. I attended DIPS training earlier this month. Patentopolis tools and workflows are quite unique to help assess and map current assets. These tools can also help, plan and monitor future portfolio development to provide our clients with long-term advantages of R&D tax incentives. Getting a vision is essential for corporates and SMEs; providing it creates sustainability in our relationship with them.”

Niels Krouwel, Manager R&D Tax incentives & Grants

11 July 2019 

Lux Research B.V. (Netherlands)

“My role is to monitor emerging technologies and evaluate innovation opportunities for companies, investors and government institutions. I attended DIPS training this month; there I have learned new tools and structured workflows for analyzing cross-disciplinary data to help me assess innovations, focus R&D investments and generate value for our clients. This practical training is very useful for technology consultants (not only IP professionals).”

Harini Venkataraman Ph.D., Analyst

10 July 2019 

Global food company

“One of our businesses entered a new space. Patentopolis helped us by providing a framework with tools and process for multi-disciplinary discussions and decisions across functions, which would have been difficult otherwise since it was new area to us. At the end we have had good, concrete results thanks to the DIPS consulting.”

Global Innovation/IP Director

18 January 2019 

Berghof Membrane Technology GmbH (Netherlands)

“I attended the DIPS strategy training last month. As Head of Technology, I especially valued the tools which help link IP, innovation and business in order to make a long term strategy. I enjoyed working in a very diverse group which brought me many interesting insights.”

Piotr Dlugolecki, Head of Technology 

22 December 2017 

Airbus Defence and Space Netherlands B.V (Netherlands)

“I attended the DIPS strategy training last November. As Head of Technology, working with IP is part of my job. The training provided a simple yet powerful tool, plus new insights, on how to analyze and define practical IP strategies that fit different products, as well as different landscapes of own aspirations and capabilities, competitors and partners. The group work done during the training has been very effective for getting a true feel for the tool and for learning from other professionals’ perspectives. I think the training would also be valuable for people in Business Management functions such as BU managers.”

Sytze Kampen, Head of Technology
22 December 2017 

TNO (Netherlands)

 “IP landscapes are of particular interest for TNO when focusing at new innovations. They are of key importance for us and our industrial partners, in terms of freedom to operate and new patent filing. Furthermore, they enable screening both competitors in different markets and all possible angles of scientific and technological approaches for the envisioned innovation. What we largely appreciated with Patentopolis team is their very practical approach with open discussions during the preparation of the IP landscape. Analyzing both a broad area and a focused application field was challenging, but Patentopolis has been of great support to help us thanks to their process. “

Dr. ir. Bart Erich, Scientist/Innovator
15 February 2017 

Luleå University of Technology (Sweden)

 “I attended the event Dissemination & Exploitation under H2020 jointly organized by Europa Media and Patentopolis on 14 October 2016. Patentopolis matrix and methodology DIPS are good tools for non-IP professionals. These guided workflows help EU project partners to understand how to cooperate with each other, and see quickly where/how to look for win-wins but also gives and takes. These tools should be applied roughly when preparing the call to strengthen it and get better evaluation; the same tools should be reapplied more thoroughly once the project is granted, both at the beginning to set up the plan and directions and throughout the project to monitor implementation and measure real impact.”

Margareta B Lindgren, Grants office
15 February 2017 

Paul Wurth SA (Luxemburg)

“I recommend this seminar especially because it is very practical. I found that Patentopolis 5-step methodology is particularly useful for designing new IP plans. The seminar is of a high tempo but yet effective, also thanks to the Patentopolis speakers who managed to transfer such knowledge and skills to me.”

Paul Schalz, Innovation and IP Manager
30 March 2016 

Testimonials from IP departments

Thyssenkrupp Intellectual Property GmbH (Germany)

“Evaluating IP portfolios and meeting budget restrictions can be challenging, especially during organizational changes. DIPS tools help to provide deep insights in IP goals, to focus on areas where to invest with value-add, and to communicate them within the organization. Patentopolis workshop is a perfect event to learn a useful methodology (DIPS) and apply it immediately in interactive cases.”   

Stephan Ising, Expert IP Strategy & Research 

24 July 2019 

Advanced functional materials group (Italy)

“I like DIPS; it provides a practical, holistic approach to review the business case and identify potential dead weights in the portfolio. From there, it becomes possible to design objective metrics to put in place.”

Luca Pusterla, Corporate Intellectual Property Manager 
24 July 2019 

Sasol (South Africa)

“IP can be seen as delaying R&D projects, because clearly demonstrating how IP aligns with business strategy can be challenging. DIPS toolbox enables this; it gives a simple yet practical framework to help translate techno-business drivers into IP strategy options and continuously monitor alignment between IP and project objectives. DIPS workflows also help to measure (mis)alignment and to show it.”

Morné Barradas, Senior Manager Intellectual Property
24 July 2019 

Lesaffre International (France)

“When designing an IP plan with a Business Unit and R&D teams, one of the key challenges is to foster cross-functional discussions and to derive prioritized actions. Also, selling the plan to the top management can be challenging. Patentopolis training provides tools, structured workflows and a new way of thinking which can help overcome these challenges. Obviously, sharing with peers during the training is also helpful for learning how to design an IP strategy.”

Jean-Luc Blond, Head of Corporate Patent Department
25 March 2019 

Technoform Competence Center (Germany)

“We were 5 colleagues attending Patentopolis’ seminar DIPS (Design IP Strategy). We have liked especially the tools: IP matrix and the 5-step methodology. One of us is the CTO; as executive, she needs both cross-disciplinary analytical tool and overview. She especially appreciated the process of overlapping the matrix approach, as a way to achieve alignment between innovation, IP and market positioning. Another colleague was a senior manager with limited IP experience; the seminar was insightful also for him. There are many levels of entry in the seminar for all levels of IP pre-knowledge/experience”

Nicola Novembre, IP Manager
21 December 2017 

IMEC (Belgium)

“Patentopolis course on IP strategy was up to my expectations and as defined during the first hour of the course. The DIPS® matrix and methodology is a very powerful toolkit, which helps to visualize how to capture value and where to invest budget and resources in areas which are relevant to the company. At the same time, it is a simple tool which can be practically implemented in my company and is effective for conveying relevant IAM aspects to managers. I very much enjoyed the course and particularly its hands-on exercise approach. Thanks to the course, I have now a more realistic view of what IP strategy is.”

Eugenio Souto Pampín, European Patent Attorney
17 July 2017 

ABB AB (Sweden)

“What I liked the most from this 2.5-day course on IP strategy is the methodology DIPS for strategy making since it is very practical. This Patentopolis methodology gives a path to follow where to start, as well as how to analyse data and interact with other functions during the planning phase and after.”

Reino Savela, IP counsel
10 January 2017 

Evonik Nutrition & Care (Germany)

“IP strategy is essential for business success, and I don’t want to rely on just gut feeling or hope as a strategy. Therefore, it makes sense to follow an effective methodology like DIPS of Patentopolis, since this is a well-structured, clear and logical approach. Highly recommended!”

Dr. Markus Glänzel, Director IP Management
10 January 2017 

Landa Corporation (Israel)

“This 2.5-day course on IP strategy is an important milestone for me and my company. The tools provided during this extensive course will allow me to apply the methodology DIPS of Patentopolis in IP strategy project for my company. I will recommend this course mainly to IP managers having limited IP experience with strategy-making. It gives a lot of materials on the methodology DIPS and also an opportunity for data crunching, which is exactly what I was looking for.”

Rimma Pugatsch Shendelzon, IP Manager
9 January 2017 

Corbion Group (Netherlands)

“Together with my colleague, we both attended last month’s two strategy seminars (4 days in total): DIPS (Design IP Strategy) and I2PS (Implement IP Strategy). During DIPS, I have found that Patentopolis tools (the matrix and the 5-step methodology) were particularly useful for analysing and actually making an IP strategy at different levels of the organization. During I2PS, the most useful was to revisit the 5-steps in order to help us bring product strategies together in one corporate strategy. I also really appreciated the last day fully dedicated to change management since it helped us (my colleague and I) discuss/review a work situation with a new outlook and tools applicable to our IP practice.”

Barbara Veldhuis, Director IP
15 August 2016 

Breville (Australia)

“I have attended a Patentopolis seminar on IP strategy organized by Forum Institut on 15-17 March 2016. Preparing an IP plan (case-based) and communicating it (pitch to management) in less than 24 hours was challenging but eventually rewarding. The business simulation was highly engaging and brought a different learning experience on soft skills (project, team, decision-making, change) other than analytical skills gained during the seminar. Most skills can be used beyond IP strategy design and implementation.”

Jarred Twigg, Intellectual Property Manager
6 April 2016 

One-Red (Netherlands)

“I have attended a Patentopolis seminar on IP strategy organized by Forum Institut on 15-17 March 2016. In particular, I found that Patentopolis model using a matrix approach to link business, market and innovation/IP was particularly useful for seeking alignment, analysing others’ strategies and designing new ones. The course is interactive, high tempo and efficient regardless of the prior experience or background regarding strategic IP management.”

Eugene van Nieuland, Director – IP Licensing
25 March 2016 

Testimonials from IP firms

Keller & Partner AG (Switzerland)

“I attended the Patentopolis strategy seminar 18 months ago and found the content very interesting and important. I have started IP-strategy discussions with  several clients and we started corresponding projects. My experience is that it takes a ‘change of mindset’ for IP-Managers and CTOs/CEOs of SMEs to discuss on the IP strategy level. The insight I got from the Patentopolis seminar helped me to keep the discussions with the clients on track. Also, the projects with the clients helped me to improve the understanding of what they really need. Still, it takes a lot of time and patience to reach the goal of such strategy projects in SMEs. In that process, Patentopolis strategy seminar and tools are unique and I learnt a lot there to get to a practical useful end.”

Werner A. Roshardt, European Patent Attorney, Equity Partner

17 December 2018 

EP&C (Netherlands)

“DIPS training gives an experience of the whole process for designing an IP plan with the client. I found that the teamwork and group discussion help understand how to apply the tools in practice.”

Robbert-Jan de Lang, Partner, European patent attorney

27 February 2018 

Arnold & Siedsma (Netherlands)

“IP strategy is sometimes hard to grasp with the client. I found that DIPS training is helpful since it provides tools to open up a discussion on strategy with the client, and guidelines for how to structure it.”

Raimond Haan, European Patent Attorney

23 February 2018 

ZBM Patents (Spain)

“I attended the DIPS training in November 2017 and found that the matrix-based tools DIPS® are very helpful to support how to analyse and prepare IP strategy.”

Mathieu De Rooij, European Patent Attorney, Partner

2 January 2018 

Fireball Patents (Netherlands)

“I attended the DIPS strategy training last month and especially like the practical tools and the theory behind. The DIPS toolkit is very complete. The interactive concept during the training is great. I think it should be standard training for all patent attorneys.”

Pete Pollard, Patent Attorney & Founder

27 December 2017 

NLO (Netherlands)

“I attended the DIPS training in November 2017 and really liked the mix of theory (DIPS toolbox – matrix and methodology) and practice during the workshop. This practical course is highly interactive with a lot of team exercises; you learn by doing which really helps to reapply the DIPS tools to own environments. This has been 2 days well spent!”

Hans Bottema, Partner
21 December 2017 

Onsagers AS (Norway)

“There is a real need for many companies to get a structured approach to IP strategy. That’s exactly what Patentopolis course on IP strategy offers”

Ramsvik Trond, Partner, European Patent Attorney
10 August 2017 

Hoffmann Eitle (Germany)

“Many clients ask for IP strategy today, or should ask for IP strategy. However, strategic IP planning is not for all IP attorneys; it needs a mindset beyond legal which is not part of the usual education of IP attorneys. I experienced Patentopolis tools such as their matrix approach and their methodology to design IP strategy (DIPS). I found these tools to be an interesting way to gain insight into the business strategy from an IP point of view, and into the IP strategy from a business point of view. I believe that these tools are helpful to understand a client’s business, map their portfolio with their products, and create a shared vision for future IP investments to bring their IP strategy in line with their business strategy. What I found particularly noteworthy is that this strategy aims at tomorrow’s value rather than only today’s costs – a view that every decision taker ought to take with respect to IP.”
This testimonial reflects personal views and not necessarily views of Hoffman Eitle.

Volker Tillmann, German and European Patent Attorney, Partner
3 March 2017 

BocoIP Oy Ab (Finland)

“We at Boco IP look at our role as a strategic partner for our customers in increasing their competitive strength and safeguarding their unique know-how. Our IPR 360® concept is designed to help companies in integrating IP rights with their core functions, and our IP strategy services are often at vanguard in this.

Our co-operation with Patentopolis goes back years. I first attended a Patentopolis seminar back in 2012 to learn their methodology DIPS with its unique structured planning workflow. We also organized a Patentopolis DIPS event at our office a while ago for our clients, which was well received.

Subsequently, I joined the Patentopolis DIPS Online beta project. As DIPS Online became available, I then joined in with the DIPS certification process.

With DIPS certification, I was supported by Patentopolis team to reapply the methodology and platform DIPS Online together with one of our clients. It has been a great tool and experience to take a step back, better understand their business and goals, and design a shared plan to protect their innovative edge over the competition. It will also help us strengthen long-term relationship with periodic reviews. We are now creating a team of consultants dedicated to IP strategy, trained and certified by Patentopolis.”

Petri Nieminen, Partner and Consulting Director
2 March 2017 

Awapatent (Sweden)

“I have attended a Patentopolis seminar on IP strategy organized by Forum Institut on 15-17March 2016. Patentopolis 5-step methodology is a good tool for performing IP strategy analysis. It is useful for giving advice to clients.”

Mona Karlsson, European Patent Attorney
24 March 2016 

Leitzinger Oy (Finland)

“By participating to the 2-day seminar Design IP Strategy early September 2015, I learned a different way of structuring and analyzing the data needed to make strategic plans for efficiently managing intellectual assets. As a patent attorney working with many companies in different phases of their lifecycle, bringing this kind of strategic thinking to the business will add value for many of them. The simple format of a matrix and a 5-step methodology gives me a systematic way to prepare the plan from scratch. It also makes it easy to update the plan during the subsequent growth phases of the company. This intensive course with participants from different backgrounds (industry- and country-wise) gave the opportunity to share views and experience during the interactive lectures and diverse teamwork assignments (cases, peer reviews).”

Anna Pohjala, Partner
18 September 2015